piątek, 13 kwietnia 2012

Good news are never bad

I want to show you my outfit from Easter.
Those beautifull dress I get in h&m only for 10 euro at the September sale. I can wear it in many different ways.You will see in time :)

Also I want to say  that last weeks I had two interviews in Łódź concerning volunteering at Fashion Week Poland. For those who chose to work behing the scenes there was two levels of qualifications. And I got in!
I'm so happy, that I will have a chance to help them and see how it works!
On Monday I'm going to Łódź to be the member of the Fashion Week Crew!
Wish me luck ;)

pics by: kiewicz.pl
And here is my brother, tomorrow I'm going to show you details of his outfit.
He suprised me with his hair and scarf under shirt!

I'm wearing:
pleated dress - h&m
heels- JC

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