niedziela, 25 marca 2012

Taste changes or simply matures with you

Black Zara pants and striped h&m shirt looks pefectly with my glorious silver heels. They are glorious like I said, but only when you look at them. And I'm not joking, they are extremely uncomfortable. Even going to the nearest shop to buy rolls it's to much for my fit! But they look very nice, don't you think so?
Therefore I propose to carry on a pair of comfortable ballerinas if you have a pair of heels from Bershka :P

I remember when I bought this pair of black pants from Zara, I wore them twice to school as my uniform (I had to wear b/w clothes to high school) and I hid them deep in my closet. But about one month ago I bring them to Cracow with intent to sell them on internet. And here we are! Taste changes or simply matures with you!
They are staing with me :)

I'm wearing
shirt- h&m
pants- Zara
heels- Bershka
clutch- h&m
jacket- h&m

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